Who We are

We are parents who love music but don’t like traditional baby music. We are professionals, musicians, artists, business people, licensing experts, moms, dads, superheros, and awesome, rockin’ lullaby creators. We make baby music that totally rocks.

Rock n’ Roll Baby

Rock n’ Roll Baby lullabies is inspired completely by my daughter. I could never find any music to bounce to with her in the livingroom while trying to get her to go to sleep – or even just to get her to stop screaming. I needed baby music that could rock my baby to sleep. Rock n’ Roll Baby rearranges the most current musical hits to create a beautiful lullaby arrangement that the whole family can enjoy.

These are lullabies that will not only soothe your baby, but you will have fun singing along to the lyrics (or making up your own, which we at R n’ R Baby like to do). I’ve found that it’s a great way to bond with your baby.

Baby music that isn’t painfully lame is very hard to come by – at least until now! Rock n’ Roll Baby strives to create the perfect lullaby. Have fun with your baby and connect with your child through music & song.

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